Fast Food: McDonalds

Okay so for years I’ve heard of restaurants “secret” menu’s I decided to try an item from the alleged “secret” menu when I went through the drive thru the other day. I ordered by the secret menu Items McName…the McNeopoliatian Shake…to which I got silence through the intercom…”We don’t have that here, sir” was the answer that eventually came back, so I explained what exactly it was a equal mixture of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry in the form of a milkshake. After explaining the response was: “Ohh…are you sure you want THAT?” “Um, no I’m just ordering it that way because I do not in fact want that, it’s an elaborate experiment in reverse psychology.” I thought…I did not say, I simply said “yes” I was asked again if I really wanted my shake that way when I paid…as if I’m not sure. I picked up my shake at the window this is what it looked like:

As you can see my ratio of Vanilla to Strawberry to Chocolate is way off…however it was delicious none-the-less. I have come to conclude from this that while it’s true McDonald’s will make you whatever you’d like, the myth of the secret menu at McDonald’s is just that a myth, there is no universal secret code to get a special off the menu item….not at McDonald’s anyway. What’s been your experience? Ever tried to order a “secret” menu item from somewhere?


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