About John

John Downey currently lives in Indiana and is married to his Hott wife and has three great kids who’ve really taught him a lot about the love of God, and patience. He likes sports, Bible study and referring to himself in the third person.

John grew up in Toledo, Ohio and really misses Tony Packo’s Hot Dogs and hanging out really late at night at the Meijer on Reynold’s Road, and all his friends back in Ohio (except the ones that moved away.) He has also lived in Kentucky and Tennessee, where he learned how to chew read and spit write) He’s a fan of the Boston Celtics, Indianpolis Colts, and Cleveland Indians. In addition to being a decent cook (but not as good as his Hott wife) he has also recently discovered he enjoys baking and makes a mean banana chocolate chip bread.

John  grew up as the son of a Southern Baptist Pastor and has served as a youth pastor in two different churches. For a brief time he flirted with the emergent church (just holding hands, nothing heavy) He has come to embrace Reformed theology (special thanks to these minitries: here and here and here) And although his dad still clings to the belief that Calvinists aren’t evangelistic, John is slowly starting to show him otherwise.


One thought on “About John

  1. John
    What an interesting story. Glad you saw the error the Emergent Church. My husband and I were in a church that started embracing it and some other things. Unfortunately they didn’t see the error and thought I was wrong (I’m the one who saw it first) and they didn’t listen. We wound up leaving the church. The criticism at the time on the internet just confirmed what I already saw and knew was error. Now (7 years later) there’s a lot more critics like your self online talking about the error of McLaren, Bell, etc. I guess with Bell I think his true colors have come out. Wonder why he left his church. Maybe not everyone there agreed with his last book.
    I guess if I had the time I might have a blog or web site and I could have put a lot of my notes and thoughts refefuting McLaren, Bell, etc. (many books I read that were being promoted at my old church). So thankfully many of you are filling the void in cyber world that some of us do not have time to do.

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