About “Writers Block”

There are not many feelings more frustrating for a writer than sitting down to write and everything you planned on writing about completely leaves your mind—stage left. At that point you are left with an ominous blank screen in front of you, wanting to say something of significance, and unable to form the thoughts that form the words that get transferred to the screen.

What is left to say that hasn’t been said?

Enter “Writer’s Block’—stage right.

No, I can’t cure your case of writers block…sorry, unless you count inspiration by awesomeness the cure for your case of writers block. I am just trying to cure my own case of writers block. More often than not you’ll find theology, religion and Christianity discussed in the entries on this blog, sometimes you’ll find other things that amuse me, but more often than not you’ll find theology and Christianity discussed here.


Because we’re all theologians…We all have a view of God and our view of God shapes our world, how we interact with others and how we spend our days, time and money. We can either have a correct view of God, shaped by the teachings of Scripture. Or we can have a view of God that fits what we think God should look like or even if there is a God at all, this is called idolatry and it not only breaks the first commandment it’s more common than a Star Wars reference at a geek convention.

It’s my hope that as you read the entries of this blog you’ll always be challenged, encouraged, and always, always see Jesus Christ, our only true hope.


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