Hearing a Broken Heart

Working in the library you have a tendency to overhear some interesting conversations…Today was no exception as I listened to two girls converse with a woman I wrongly assumed to be their mother. These girls looked to me to be in the 8 to 10 age range and as they talked I realized the woman was not their mother at all, but some kind of case worker. Their conversation involved tales their birth family…fathers in jail, promiscuous mothers and more than any child that age should have to bear.

Of course, cognitively, we all know that the world is full of brokenness, broken homes, broken relationships and broken people…this is not recent news.

But sometimes when you are shaken out of the cocoon of comfort you feel with your familiar circle of friends and acquaintances…

and you are face-to-face with some of that brokenness…

and it doesn’t look like a down and out homeless person or a foreigner in a far off, war-torn country…

it just looks like a little girl…

a girl that could be your own daughter…or one of your daughter’s friends…

it really hits you…


Everything that seemed so important moments before starts to fade away…and you’re left with the sudden, sickening realization of everything that has been robbed from this little girl…

Tears begin to well-up inside…and there is nothing you can do, but to stop and find a quite spot away…and pray for those girls.

Everything that seems so normal for those girls is so abnormal for me, but it’s more than just that.

You realize that then wickedness of sin and how it ruins everything it touches.

You also realize that admits all the unfortunate things they are saying about their lives there is an overbearing sense that things will get better..

an overwhelming sense of…hope.

A hope that things will only get better from here

A hope that there will be a restoration of sorts

A hope for an adoption

Everyone’s story is different, but we’ve all been affected for the worse by sin.

And everyone’s hope for a rescue from this broken world lies only in a supernatural adoption.

It is a hard reality of this world that someone else’s misfortune can make you realize how blessed you really are and make you hug your own family members a little tighter when you see them tonight.

I will continue to pray for these girls…


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