2013 the year of movies

This Friday is the Beginning of the 2013 movie year…yes, I know it’s March and a few dozen movies have come out already…but the first movie that I actually WANT to see comes out Friday. Oz, The Great & Powerful.

2013 looks like it’s going to be an epic year for movies for geeks like me…it all begins Friday and to help not only me, but my fellow geeks out there out here is the timeline of all the other movies that are worth seeing this year.

After this weekend I’ll have a couple of months off to let my wallet recoup from the shockingly high cost of movies these days before May 3 when Iron Man 3 hits theaters.

Then just two weeks later on May 17 Star Trek, Into the Darkness beams in to theaters.

Then June 14 Man of Steel flies onto the big screen. June 14 is also my son’s 6th birthday, maybe we go see it together.

June 21 presents us with Monsters University as good as Monsters Inc. was I just really think I’ll be waiting to see this one when it comes out on video.

July 13 is the worst date on the movie release calendar; I’ll have to choose between Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger. I know Despicable me will be good, and The Lone Ranger looks amazing…so it’s going to be a tough choice.

July 26 presents us with The Wolverine the long-awaited sequel, of sorts, to X-Men 3. I have seen every single X-men movie to date so I don’t plan on missing this one. Is it just me or was X3 was the most disappointing X-men movie of them all? I really liked X-men First Class even though it wasn’t critically well received.

August 2 300, Rise of an Empire comes out. This is the sequel to 300 based on Frank Millers Graphic Novels…I really liked 300, but **SPOILER ALERT** everyone died at the end. I’ll probably wait for this one to come out on video.

From July 26 until November will be a few months off from seeing the movies for me, and then November 8 the highly anticipated sequel to Thor smashes into theaters. (I couldn’t think of what else to do with a big ol’ hammer except ‘hammer things’ and that didn’t work) Thor, The Dark Worlds.

I’ll end 2013, the year of movies on a lighter note on December 20 as Anchorman, the Legend Continues drops in to theaters…

I know you’re asking about the geek movies I skipped like The Evil Dead…well, there are some movies you just can’t remake especially without Bruce Campbell. Also, serious question who green lights some of these movies…Grown Ups 2 give me a break…


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