Friday, October 14

~These stupid protests have got to stop. Who are you even protesting against? You’re not fooling anyone, if you were really against big business you’d be wearing hand-made clothes and shoes. You’d never eat fast food. And your house would be owned and paid for by you, not a bank. Please go home, you’re more annoying than a group of dead heads with the munchies. And you’re not accomplishing anything.

~Another Friday…

~I saw “We Are Marshall” last night…it was a great movie. I think I have a man crush on Matthew McConaughey…and I’m okay with that.

Because I’m not all that talkative in the morning…here is something that made me laugh today:


One thought on “Friday, October 14

  1. I agree with the frustration.
    All of these people are protesting, meanwhile, the working-class is still working and/or trying to find jobs. There the rich who have everything & don’t care, the poor who have nothing and are disregarded, the working-class who’s always trying…. and then the complainers… who express their entitlement and get nothing. You have to work & earn it people.
    Anyway – enough said…
    How can you NOT have a crush on Matthew McConaughey?! I’ve tried not to like him (seriously) and I find it’s not possible. *swoon*

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