Wednesday, October 12

10. So, I missed a post yesterday…no one seemed to notice…and the world is still spinning.

9. Actually I’m having trouble coming up with ten of these everyday.

8. It’s like trying to write ten tweets at once.

7. Who can do that? Except for the person with nothing of any real importance to say. For example, Um…Ahem  @aplusk….

6. Number 6….Hmmm…six…

5. Number 6….Hmmm…six…

4. Who am I kidding…deep and profound thoughts don’t always come that often…not to me anyway.

3. It’s like a band whose first album is their best and the rest of them suck…they used up all there creativeness on the first album.

2. Soon I’ll be writing things about the soup I had for lunch: “Clam Chowder…it’s good…you should totally eat some.”

1. It’ll be like those awkward silences you get on a first date with someone, those are the worst.

Some days are better than others I guess


3 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 12

  1. I noticed you missed yesterday, as I subscribe, and thought – uh oh.. he’s slacking already! haha. 😉

    … and now I want Clam Chowder….

    Suggestion.. maybe do the 10 things weekly and a little blurb daily. Or something…

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