Monday, October 10

10. All you can eat pancakes from IHOP = good.

9. All you can drink coffee from IHOP right before bed = bad.

8. Staying up all night sure gives you a lot of time to think, unfortunately it is all forgotten as soon as you fall asleep.

7. You remember that show ‘The Greatest American Hero”? They should remake that show…or at least release it on DVD. That theme song will totally get in your head.

6. Speaking of songs getting stuck in your head a big thumbs down to Rolling Stones list of the worst songs of the 80’s. “Lady in Red” and “The Safety Dance” are great songs. “Wake Me Up” however, well, hit the nail on the head with that one.

5. Speaking of George Michael, seriously, who couldn’t tell he was gay immediately.

4. I’m seriously considering participating in ‘No Shave November’ this year.

3. The “poor” in the U.S. have no idea what it means to be “poor” If you can afford a cell phone, you can afford not to be on food stamps.

2. I’m beginning to realize hat I watched a lot, A LOT of tv in the eighties. I can remember watching original episodes of Three’s Company…I was five…I don’t let my kids watch that much tv.

1. Maybe that’s what contributed to my ad…hey what’s that.


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