Friday, October 7

10. TGIF…it’s not a term I use loosely.

9. I’m glad my friends actually took the time to read this yesterday.

8. I forgot to mention, I try to stay away from the computer on weekends, so no weekend posts.

7. I can’t believe Detroit beat New York in the playoffs.

6. FIY Detroit is a french word…it means straight.

5. Babies are a lot of work…especially when they aren’t your own.

4. I’m still loving this gorgeous fall weather.

3. I realized last night that the show Parks & Rec hits the nail on the head for life in a small town in Indiana. There is a general dislike of people from the next town over, even if it is in your county, but especially if they are from the town in the next county over. Also, I picked up on the not so subtle political dig at the birther movement.

2. I don’t want to sound particularly mean but should I have to learn spanish in a country when the dominant language is english? There are many ways that conformity is a good thing, this is one of them. If we quit pandering to people and we’d be a stronger country.

1. Looking forward to great weekend. If you haven’t hugged a loved one today…do it. Everyone needs a hug.



3 thoughts on “Friday, October 7

  1. #9 – woot!
    #7 – I am blown away by Detroit’s teams as of late. It’s like “who are you and what have you done with Detroit’s sucky teams…” haha.. But seriously… GO DETROIT!
    #5 – should be shortened to “babies are a lot of work.” The end.
    #3 – I ❤ that show so much! PS – Chris Pratt, who plays Andy, went to Kate's & my H.S. 🙂 He was a Senior when we were Freshman… he was always super nice!
    #2 – I think if we had some accountability for our actions & spending we'd be a better country. We could speak French then for all I care, but have some dang accountability!

    • On 3-it is a great show-Ron Swanson is my hero. Andy seems like he’d be super nice in person.
      On 2-good point, but how do you institutionalize accountability? Granted that’s it’s supposed to be the parents job…but usually they shrug that off on the schools or whathaveyou. People always are trying to get by with something. I still think if we quit bending over backwards to make some minority or another happy we’d be better off. Quit giving people what they want and give them what they need.

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