Wednesday, October 5

10. There are two drinks for men that are acceptable for a man to order at a bar: 1) Beer, and not that crappy tasting light beer 2) Bourbon, straight or on the rocks, in a pinch almost any whiskey will do. If you have to mix it with cola to drink it, you’ve just proved you’re not manly, stick with beer to conceal this fact.

9. Real friends keep their friends from humiliation. Unless the real friend is up for humiliating themselves as well.

8. Give me a real book over an e-reader any day. Nothing can replace a real book. There is a certain level of satisfaction to be devised from instantly knowing how much of the book you have left read and how much further you have to go. Nothing can replace the feel of the pages on your fingertips as you turn the page or the smell that a book has as the aroma of ink and paper subtly mix. E-readers cannot replace a real book.

7. Skim milk…avoid it.

6. I watched Arachnophobia last night, it is a good movie, I’d forgotten how much I’d liked it. John Goodman steals every scene he’s in, in that movie.

5. It is impossible to lead well by a committee.

4. Does anyone else ever hear a guy with a thick Indian accent whenever they read the phrase: “Thank you, please come again”

3. Is 10 in the morning too early for some McDonald’s french fries?

2. Listen to “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn on my way to work today, a great song I had forgotten how much I liked, I may buy the mp3 later.

1. Dear Apple, your latest version of the iPhone is not enough of an improvement over the old one. I doubt Steve Jobs would be happy.


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