Tuesday, October 4

10. The leaves are starting to turn colors here, it’s perfect fall weather.

9. MNF was disapointing last night…as a Colts fan, of course; Painter played well, Defense was awful. O-line was so-so, Looked alot more like the Colts I’m used to seeing. Still miss Peyton.

8. Won one fantasy game, lost another…such is life.

7. Mumford & Sons is such a good band to listen to in the mornings.

6. I think if tariffs were higher it would boost the American economy.

5. I think I’ll start a new blog and call it “things I think“”ten things I think“”10 things I think”

4. Can I really think of ten random things ever single day? How will people see me?  What if they think I’m some kind of arrogant jerk?  Who cares it’s my blog.

3. I don’t think I trust a man if he doesn’t eat meat.

2. If how good you feel about yourself depends on a) what kind of smart phone you have. b) how well your favorite sports team is doing. or c) depends on how someone else feels about you…you’re an idiot who needs to grow up.

1. If you are over 25 and your greatest accomplishment in life is how many times you’ve won a game of Halo you need to grow up.


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