Feelings…nothing more than feelings…

I haven’t felt much like a Christian lately. I have sinned…recently…today even!

I know, you’re shocked, so I’m going to also tell you that I have not loved God with all my heart today.

This is the first commandment, people…it’s serious, and I have broken it several times today.

I haven’t had faith in God like I should either…sometimes I doubt Him when I shouldn’t.

What am I going to do?

Can I trust these feelings?

Have I lost my salvation?

Do I need to get re-saved?

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A Shiney New Blog

Just to keep both of my loyal readers in the know…I haven’t been totally slacking on my duties as a blogger, I have started blogging over at Dead Pastors Society. It’s a group blog with a few guys and a girl I met via Twitter. It sounds kinda like a joke, “a Lutheran, a Methodist, and a Baptist walk into a bar…” but I assure you that though there are some differences we agree on the essentials of the Gospel. I plan on keeping this blog but only for fun posts like this or this. And I’ll be re-posting my new material from DPS here as well as re-posting some of my older material there. So I urge you to check it out, be part of the tens-and-tens of loyal DPS readers and Join the DPS crew.


About a year and half ago in New York City a two-year-old girl and her family were touring a ship that was docked along the banks of the East River. Suddenly the two-year old girl slipped, and fell 20 feet into the frigid water. The dad without any hesitation ran down the boarding dock, shed his coat and dove into the river after her. He held on tightly to his little girl to keep her out of the water until more help arrived.

That is love.

I cannot imagine being in that situation, but I’d like to think I’d do the same thing.

Now think about that for a minute, that picture of the dad jumping into the water.

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