Top Ten signs you might be a Calvinist

10. If you have a special place in your heart for your Lutheran brothers…you might be a Calvinist.

9. If you have changed the default setting of your Biblegateway browser to be ESV…you might be a Calvinist.

8. If your children have more Bibles than you own TV’s…you might be a Calvinist.

7. If you now think John Piper is too liberal because he invited Rick Warren to ‘Desiring God’ …you might be a Calvinist.

6. If you dislike the term Calvinist, preferring Christian…you might be a Calvinist.

5. If you have ever deliberately changed the words of a hymn to make it more conforming to scripture…you might be a Calvinist.

4. If you have ever read The Bondage of the Will to your children…you might be a Calvinist.

3. If you can remember all the speakers at last year’s “Together for the Gospel” conference…you might be a Calvinist.

2. If you get into a heated debate with another Calvinist over paedobaptism vs. believers baptism…you might be a Calvinist.

1. If you have a sudden affinity for the rap stylings of Lecrae and Shialinne but you have never liked rap before…you might be a Calvinist.

BONUS:: If you gave your mother a bouquet of tulips for Mother’s Day…you might be a Calvinist.


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