I’ll take: “Movies that start with the word JAWS for $1,000”

I have a lot of completely useless knowledge, the chances that I’ll ever get to go on JEOPARDY! and be able to use it are pretty slim, mostly because I have never tried. Although it would be awesome to be on JEOPARDY! and say things like “let’s make it a true Daily-Double” and “You think you’re pretty smart don’t you Trebek” I have never tried taking the online test therefore I have no hope of being on the show. In order to be on the show there is something I must do first…take the online test. And then I believe there are a series of other hoops to jump through, none of which sound all that appealing to me, I will have to be content to yell the correct answers at the TV during the show.

In a similar fashion I have been looking for a job…”job-hunting” in a word. You see, I would love to be in vocational ministry. I have been in part-time or volunteer ministry so long that full-time vocational ministry seems like the next logical step. I have literally sent my resume all over the country…I sent my resume to a church in South Dakota…SOUTH DAKOTA…I had forgotten that South Dakota was even in the United States, but I sent my resume to a church there that was looking for a pastor. I have prayed and asked God to put me where He wants me…and I have waited…

…and waited…

…and waited…

…even though I have gotten my fair share of rejection letters (which in Christianese would be more appropriately titled “not at this time, but we’re praying for you” letters.) I know that God will put me where He wants me to be, but maybe I am already there.

I have repeatedly throughout this process made the mistake of thinking I have to be somewhere else to serve God to my fullest capabilities when nothing could be further from the truth.  I have spent too much time looking to the future and I don’t see the here-and-now, and worse I don’t take the time to be thankful for not only what I have already, but what has already been done for me. I don’t have to be at what I would call a better place in my life to faithfully serve God, I need to serve Him here and now by living out my current vocation all for His glory.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Col. 3:16-18

I want to be a pastor or youth pastor somewhere, full time, and I am taking steps in sending out my resume to make that happen. Even though God is sovereign, it’s not likely to just fall in my lap. While God is sovereign, He also uses means…it’s an eternal paradox that I’ll never be able to answer. Think of it this way, if a farmer were to say “God alone is the one who blesses us with the harvest, therefore I will not plant any crops this year.” That would be foolish, while it is God who blesses with the harvest, the harvest isn’t going to just fall in your lap, unless the neighbors farm blows up, which is possible, but not likely.

The Bible says in Romans that: “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” We must ask ourselves upon reading a verse like this: “Hearing the words of Christ read by whom?” It is not likely that
you will hear Christ audibly speak to you, but you will hear a pastor or parent or friend read to you from the Bible. That is the means that God uses…and in His sovereignty blesses with the saving faith.

I will probably never be on JEOPARDY! but maybe God will bless me with the harvest of being in vocational ministry, and in the meantime I will continue to thank Him for all He has given me and done for me and minister faithfully to my own little church called the Downey family, and to my current church family at TLCC.


2 thoughts on “I’ll take: “Movies that start with the word JAWS for $1,000”

  1. I like this post. Lots of churches NEED a great leader — I have absolutely no doubt God will lead you to the right place. Maybe it means planting a church? Maybe even in South Dakota? 🙂

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