Sleeping-in on Saturdays

I hate don’t like mornings…espically mornings when I could be sleeping-in however I cannot…today it was because my wife went to some consignment sale with a friend. I got up with the full intention if going back to sleep, however approxamaitly 2.5 seconds after  she closed the door behind her my kids were up.  I love my children I do…but when they interrupt my precious sleep I have a little easier time understanding why some species eat their young.  Mornings make me grumpy…especially when my son starts BANGING ON A DRUM, I’m not ready for this day. How can they have so much energy?

In spite of all the circumstances going on this morning that I don’t particularly like, I am deeply thankful. God has blessed me greatly and in this I can rejoice…because of this I can look past my daily schedule,  full of this stuff that in reality I’d rather not be doing and be thankful. The joy of salvation always transcends my circumstances And I can truly say: “this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”


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